Guidance Manuals & Documents

Application for the STOW Certification Audit

The Energy Chamber is pleased to inform contractors of our new online system for STOW Certification. Using the online system you can apply for the STOW audit and track the progress of your audit.  

For initial access to the online system, please go to our STOW homepage and on the right panel, enter the username and password that was given to you to access the STOW selfcheck questionnaire. 

We strongly recommend that you change your password after gaining access to the system.

If you do not have a username and password, please contact the STOW Project Office. The Energy Chamber will only issue usernames and passwords to duly authorized persons within organizations.
Disclaimer: Contractors have full responsibility for ensuring that usernames and passwords are properly managed and secured within their organizations. 

The application fee for the STOW certification audit remains the same:  

Chamber Members ($TT)
Non Members ($TT)
Low Risk $1,150.00 $1,437.50
High Risk $3,450.00 $4,312.50

An Introduction to STOW
This is a one stop document for information on STOW

Instructions - How to access the Self Check Questionnaire
The Self Check Questionnaire is your 1st step to STOW certification. Click link above for instructions on how to access the questionnaire. 

STOW Contractor Guidance Manual (version 9: Feb 2013)
The STOW Contractor Guidance Manual provides details and guidance on the 11 elements of the STOW HSE requirements. Click link above to download the Manual.

STOW Administration Manual (version 5: Feb-2013)
The STOW Administration Manual provides details on the levels of risk (low, medium risk and high risk) associated with certification as well as details on the  administration of STOW.  Clink link above to download Manual. 

Sample STOW Manual for Small and Micro Contractors
The Sample STOW Manual can be downloaded and tailored to suit the specific operations of a contractor.  Click link above to download Manual. 

HSE Documents for STOW Assessment Document Review  
This document is a checklist of all the HSE documents that an Assessor will want to see during a STOW assesssment. Contractors must have them ready and available for the Assessor to review during the assessment. Click link above to download document.

Guidance on the use of the STOW logo 
The STOW acronym is now a trademark of the Energy Chamber. Anyone wishing to use the STOW Logo and STOW acronym must first get permission from the Energy Chamber.  To get the terms and conditions for using the Logo click the link above. 






Effective October 15th 2015 companies will only be awarded two years certification once one full cycle of audits of their entire HSE Management System has been conducted.   All other requirements for 2 year certification are still enforced (85% in each element and 80% in the Physical Conditions Tour).


Petrotrin has created an extensive guidance manual to assist companies with STOW Implementation.  Contact the STOW Project Office to request soft copies of the manual.

The application for the STOW Audit is now done online. Please login using the panel above.
Companies must attain a minimum of 80% in the physical conditions tour for 2 year certification.  This is in addition to the minimum of 85% in each of the eleven elements of the Assessment Audit.  This is applicable to all audits starting March 1st 2015 and beyond.